UNCF Institute for
Capacity Building
Enrollment Management Program (EMP)

Assisting Efforts and Sharing Best Practices for Boosting Enrollment and Graduation Rates

This program provides grants, technical assistance, scholarship funding and professional development to enhance student recruitment and retention efforts at UNCF-member institutions. It also identifies and researches best and promising practices, and shares them with the broader UNCF network and the higher education community.
EMP helps UNCF institutions focus on three key areas all determining factors in whether a student remains in college and graduates:
1)     Financial need
2)     Differences in academic preparation
3)     Social and emotional barriers
EMP also provides a framework for understanding the ways policies, practices, services and programs affect the number of students who enroll. It assists with matching student needs and ambitions, characteristics of the institution and persistence and retention rates.
Selected institutions work closely with experts to develop enrollment management strategies that generate larger and more diverse pools of prospective students and increase the persistence rates of those currently enrolled.
Institutions are expected to develop and meet enrollment milestones.
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